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Kut A Cord

Consolidate the rest

The KACE SmartHub wirelessly connects all services to all TVs & devices in the home!

Cable/Satellite Broadcast TV, Internet, Streaming Services, Telemedicine, Distance Education, Remote Workspaces, Gaming/eSports, and everything else wirelessly streamed to all TVs and devices with the choice to record all incoming/outgoing content.

Own the equipment that provides you control over your home.

Federal laws guarantee $420/year savings while providing control over all content and services

Record all cable/satellite, streaming services, and any devices while reducing waste

Connect all services and devices together to save money, increase security, and give control recording all content.

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Start Saving Today

The Federal Television Viewer Protection Act ensures equipment fees are illegal if you own the equipment to receive the service. 

The KACE SmartHub is the only device that can be owned to wirelessly stream & record all content to all TVs and devices in the home.

The KACE SmartHub device allows you to enjoy and record all of the material that you see on your television. From a single SmartHub device, you may connect many TVs. The best part is that if you own it, you won't have to pay a rental fee.


You may connect a game console to your KACE SmartHub device and use your big TV screen for gaming.


With KACE SmartHub, you can use your TV screen as a workstation for official business, meetings, or educational purposes. There's no need to study on a smaller monitor or in a cramped space. 


You can enjoy all this right in the comfort of your own home on a larger screen. Because KACE SmartHub can be accessed from various devices, it can help you avoid the expense of installing cable or set-top boxes in every room of your home. There is no need to repair damaged cables every year with KACE SmartHub, and there are no additional maintenance fees.

Stop wasting thousands of dollars on equipment installation and maintenance bills every year. Simply connect through Bluetooth or WiFi to the KACE SmartHub device and control all of your TVs from one device.


Like how LEDs are replacing bulbs, KACE SmartHub is here to replace the traditional equipment you use at your home.

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KACE SmartHub - save $420/year on your bills with an upgrade to your entertainment

KACE SmartHub - save $420/year on your bills with an upgrade to your entertainment

The KACE SmartHub. All you need to do to install it is plug it in to power, plug in your fiber-optic internet connection, your COAX cable/satellite broadcast TV connection, or any device you want to be played on any TV, and then watch anything on any or all TVs in your home.


All remotes reach the devices plugged in to the KACE SmartHub from far away because the KACE catchers make sure they reach their parent devices plugged into the KACE SmartHub across the home and all devices stay connected