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Remote Workplace

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Organizations that were once all-in on the in-office experience are recognizing the inherent value of a hybrid workforce.  The KACE SmartHub allows you to work from home from the comfort of your living room, rather than being hunched over a small computer screen.

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The KACE SmartHub helps you adapt and receive the most compelling work experience.


KACE Remote Work

Instead of crouching over a small computer screen, the KACE SmartHub allows you to work from home in the comfort of your living room. As a result of the epidemic, organizations that were previously all-in on the in-office experience have begun to see the inherent advantages of a hybrid workforce.


Now companies are allowing employees to work from home.  Big companies like Google also allow their employees to shift permanently to work from home. The signal boosters on the SmartHub strengthen signals so your remotes can reach their SmartHub-connected devices.


They can also connect wirelessly using Bluetooth or WiFi, removing the need for cords that lead to a copper shortage. You may work from the comfort of your own home and join meetings on a larger screen with a clear presentation that gives you a clearer view than the monitor or phone screen.


Your productivity will gradually rise as a result of it. By reducing out-of-office expenses like travel, parking, and meals, even workers who only work remotely half of the time can save $2,500–$4,000 per year. It is possible to have a more favorable work-life balance.


You gain work flexibility, allowing you to perform household responsibilities like washing and child pick-up better.


Increased productivity

Better Comfort

Work environment flexibility

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