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Distance Education

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With the KACE SmartHub you can create a  nurturing environment for distance learning. Using the KACE Hub your child gets the maximum exposure to the lessons without having to hunch over a small screen.

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We want learning to be comfortable, not just in the classroom or over a computer but over a large screen in the comfort of one's home.

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KACE Distance Education

We want learning to be fun, not only in the classroom or on a computer, but also at home on a big screen. With the KACE SmartHub, you can create a welcoming atmosphere for distance learning.


Instead of bending down over a little screen, your child will get the most out of the teachings using the KACE SmartHub.


SmartHub devices connect to all of your home's devices, allowing you to learn from anywhere.


It also allows you to record lessons so that if you cannot attend a class due to a conflict or illness, you can record it and watch it later. The better resolution on the wider screen gives your kids more distinct graphics, making it easier for them to perceive the information.


Like you are replacing the bulbs with LEDs, KACE SmartHub is here to help you replace the unnecessary cables and devices in your house. 


Healthy eyes and posture

Record Clips

Multiple location screen access

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