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The KACE SmartHub is great for  for telehealth as one can talk to their doctor on a large screen and  simultaneously record all of the interactions so they can view it at a later date to remember diagnosis, instructions or exercises.

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The KACE SmartHub is a boon for  people who suffer from physical disability, hearing problems, visual impairment, and other disorders on a daily basis. 

KACE Telemedicine

You can use your TV for telemedicine using the KACE SmartHub device. You don't have to communicate with your doctor on a little screen or phone.


It gives you ample space to show your doctor all you need to know while maintaining the privacy of your room.


It provides the doctor with a clear picture of the condition you're dealing with. You can easily keep track of your doctor's appointments without having to rely on other services.


If you forget something, you have the option of watching the recording again.


There is also no commuting time or associated expenses like gas or child care. Patients in rural areas can access specialty treatments such as mental health care and post-surgery follow-up that they might not otherwise be able to access without traveling a significant distance for an in-person appointment.


Large Screen Resolutions

Record Meetings

Privacy of your own room

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