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The KACE SmartHub and gaming go hand in hand. The KACE SmartHub can stream your games to any screen in your house so you won't have to stop to reconnect your console if you wish to resume playing at another location

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Stream, play and record your games from any location. The KACE SmartHub is what every esports enthusiast needs. 

Image by Erik Mclean

KACE eSports

Games on a bigger screen give an awesome experience if you can switch places without disconnecting your console.


Here comes the KACE SmartHub device, which enhances your gaming experience. It allows you to stream your games to any screen in your home, avoiding the need to stop and disconnect your console if you want to continue playing in a different location.


You can play on any screen in your house if you connect the KACE SmartHub to your console. When you need to switch rooms, you won't have to stop for reconnecting the cords. Simply pause and resume the game from a different location.


Playing games at higher resolution and response time than a monitor without connecting so many wires just by using Bluetooth or WiFi. You can also record your gameplay through the SmartHub device without any lag.


Isn't it fascinating? Then what are you waiting for? Switch to KACE and enhance your gaming experience.


Multiple location screen access

Record Clips

Personalized hub skins

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